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:: Friday, March 07, 2003 ::

This has been such a boring week with no fun and all work. I decided to weblog to relax myself on this friday evening !
I have been reading some news articles today. Something I have been wanting to comment about for a long time caught my eye in the news - BT open Indian call center. So yet another company has decided the services offered by Indian graduates are cheaper than their own country's. British Telecom union workers are justified in their strike and voicing their grievance over this move which could shift upto 6000 jobs from UK into India. In their own words - "The point is that this is UK work, carried out for UK customers, offering a UK service. Doesn't that sound like work we should be doing in this country?" . What I found funny about the growing popularity of Indian call centers is the "culture coaching" of the young Indians who attend the service calls. They are taught to understand the popular discussion topics("catching up on the superbowl dude ?" ) and try and speak in an accent of the Americans or British. They are rechristened Tom, John etc. for the convenience of the customers abroad. The other day I called up verizon wireless and knew I was talking to someone in an Indian call center when they were able to pronounce my name right without pausing once in between :-) . And they went on to enquire about the weather etc. to give you the feeling they have been living in Oregon all their life. Although I personally dont think this is much of a pointer towards the growing "success of Indian economy" , I do think it reflects well on the excellence of the Indian telecommunication sector and more importantly, the confidence of Americans/Brits in the spoken English of the young Indian metropolitan student crowd.

Formula-1 season begins with the Australian Grand Prix. The new F-1 rules have inspired a lot of talk about how this could be the bane of Ferrari and Michael Scumacher. I hardly think so. A few rule changes cannot disturb a tough nut like Schumy who has been on the circuit for nearly 12 years now. However the qualifying sessions did throw up a few surprises with guys like Jenson Button doing well with their "not as good as Ferrari" engines.

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:: Saturday, March 01, 2003 ::
WOW ! India is having a dream run at the world cup ( touch wood!). The cricketers must be proud of themselves for showing a very responsible attitude at trouble-shooting their earlier problems. In a way, the defeat against Australia woke them up and made them regroup - way to go guys! I felt so proud at the way two old foes were vanquished - England and Pakistan. I think most Indians treasure victories against Pakistan, Australia and England (in that order) the most. Pakistan , because they are our traditional political enemies and its no big secret that there is no love lost between us:); the Aussies for their infamous "bad boy" image with all that sledging and swearing on field ; the poms (English) ,for defeating them in cricket is still a way of getting back at them for their oppressive 250 year old rule :-). But we have got to give credit to the English ... their main contribution towards influencing Indian society was not Railways, not the postal services, but CRICKET ! I wonder why this never gets mentioned in Indian history textbooks.

On my part for the Indian success , I have carefully been avoiding watching any matches because that seems to be the "winning" formula :-). Even in December, when I tried watching the games against NewZealand, we lost. And I was following about an hour of the world cup game against Australia before giving up in frustration. Maybe I will just get a video or CD of the world cup games and watch India winning sometime later in the year. Hope we atleast go through to the semi-finals !

Been very busy doing circuit layout for my chip. For those who dont know what it means, this involves the actual connection of metal lines and thousands of transistors to make a tiny piece of silicon behave the way we want our circuit to work. Its tiring , boring and meticulous work which requires an artist's skill. For someone like me who cant draw a line between 2 points without a ruler, its going to be a pain in the neck for the next month or so. Two days back, I was still groogy from having woken up after a late night at work, when I spilled something in the kitchen and the first thing that came to my mind was Alt U "Undo" :-).
I have got a deadline to meet in less than 2 weeks. So that rules out any web logging until then...

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