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:: Thursday, April 03, 2003 ::

Its been a long time since I posted on here. I am still pretty busy with my work, but I thought a quick post would be nice. The crazy war has been on for 2 weeks now. Lots of casualties, especially civilians ; Americans and Iraqis keep up their mud-slinging contest about who broke the Geneva Convention accord first. This war has made it look ugly on the TV screens as well. All American channels patronise the "Operation Iraqi Freedom" so much that I sometime even felt like siding with the claims on Al-Jazeera. I did read my news on Al-Jazeerah's mirror site for sometime after the original site of the Qatari paper was hacked. The typical American dramatization of everything was also in full bloom !

India lost the World cup finals. No big shocker, and strangely not many people criticizing the boys as the Indian public did get their fair share of entertainment and the Aussies deserved every bit to win.

I have been running a crazy schedule getting involved in not only my circuit work, but helping my brilliant Ph.D colleagues when they have those brain waves(NO, I DONT run around to get their tea or coffee!). Atleast this way I will get the experience of Ph.D research without actually being enrolled as one. Once my chip tapes out , I will be a free bird for sometime. I am trying not to remind myself about the terrifying prospect of "job-hunts" with the recession hanging around in its 3rd consecutive year. Well, going by my usual Murphy's law luck, this situation was not entirely unforeseen ! :))

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