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:: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 ::

I have been enjoying the luxury of some free time after nearly a year of "all work and no play"! So instead of some boring talk about circuits and work pressure, I do have some interesting stuff to log about.

India Night
This is the annual cultural program organized by the Indian student association here in Corvallis. Although it went on for a little too long and the sense of humour of the MC was pathetic, I enjoyed myself for most of those 4 hours. Maybe my Portugese and Argentinian friends enjoyed it more than me and my Indian friend. Considering most of the dance/song performers were graduate students with as busy schedules as mine, they were pretty well managed. And more than anything, I finally took this opportunity to wear the nice traditional Indian "kurta/pyjama" set Ranjani had gifted me in Bangalore. Although I am notorious for feeling very conscious in any dress other than my comfy jeans and t-shirt, I felt at home once in the middle of those 500 odd Indian audience, most of them in flashy traditional kurtas and sarees! I dont understand why any Indian would wear the long kurta if he wanted to wear something comfortable. I kept losing my car keys/lab keys/wallet/cell phone/camera all stuffed in that one single long pocket on the side!!!

And last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to this classical music concert organised by Rasika, a Portland based Indian cultural organisation for Oregon. The singer was Sudha Raghunathan , the nightingale of South India. Her voice was so soothing and the 3 hours passed very pleasantly.

Now I am slowly getting back into the research groove and the job hunt drive. I guess there will be more frequent blogging from now.

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:: Friday, May 02, 2003 ::
Posting again after an even longer time!

I have been busy with the "tapeout" of my chip. Now its more or less done , just a few nagging last minute details , which , if i overlook, would mean the end of the world for my professor :). I have now started preparing for the interviews that could get me a job. The news on TV says the economy is going to be back on track with the worst days behind us - tell us something new please! Atleast its reassuring to hear even if unreliable

Well, I did have lots of interesting thoughts and experiences which I wanted to pen down, but cannot recollect at this very moment. Yeah, no prizes for guessing I never did jot those random thoughts down. Even if they are worth diddly squat.. !

My sister had an accident 3 days back. She and my bro-in-law Sathish were travelling back in an autorickshaw when it apparently overturned suddenly. I was quite upset about it and all this just adds to my growing grievances against the Indian road system. Fortunately , she got away with external injuries and my bro-in-law almost unhurt. 

The NBA playoffs are heating up . Great news - the (Sacramento) Kings are on the roll again and are favourites currently. Bad news- (LA) Lakers are starting to find form. Boring news- the Eastern conference.

I will maybe post again when I remember any interesting stuff from the last month.

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