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:: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 ::

wow, i myself nearly forgot about this page of mine until someone else reminded me. I guess now that I have got myself a job in agere systems, and have been getting accustomed to the bay area for about 3 months, its time to make use of the new PC at home. Life is fun now, and so is work,amazingly! Have read half of about 2-3 books, "dude where's my country" by michael moore and "lies and the lying liars who tell them" by Al Franken. Thats right, two very "liberal" books. Well, they are funny and I can have a good laugh at the way they put things.

Being in a company and all that, there must be some restrictions on what I cannot say on the internet, so I should try hard to suppress the urges to brag about the company. Hope to post many more weblogs
posted by Ranga 11:50 PM [+] ::

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